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A smart energy solution helps keep our planet sustainable and green. We endeavour to make this happen by providing wide range of renewable energy options to choose from, all customised to individual needs and preferences at an affordable cost. Tenaga Energy Solutions LLP provides products and services in power electronics technology and energy solutions. It adheres to strict process and manufacturing standards to produce world class products.

Our product bouquet includes, Solar off grid system Solar Hybrid UPS (MNRE standard), Batteries (C5, C10 & C20), Inverter / Home UPS, On grid solar system, Solar Panels, Token Display Systems and Customized products

Distributors of Solar water heaters

We deploy world-class brands Supreme, Orb Energy, Racold


Distributor of Venlak Batteries

In House Manufacturing of a wide range of Automotive and Tubular Batteries.Our batteries are tested and approved by CPRI.(ISO 901-2015)

Venlak is one of the leading tubular and solar battery manufacturing, Bangalore based, company in India and established in the year of 2004. It adhere strict quality measures and customer support

Automotive Batteries

Heavy Duty Battery with Hybrid Technology
High Power and High Cycle Endurance
Heavy Polypropylene Containers
Long Life & Less Maintenance
Higher Cranking Efficiency
High Charge Acceptance
Low Self Discharge
Wide Range of Automotive Batteries

Tubular Batteries

Quick Charging
Extra Back Up With Extra Power Saving
Withstand Frequent Power Cuts With Low Maintenance
Higer Number of Deep Discharge Cycles
Ultra Low Maintenance & Long Life
Less Internal Resistant

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