Token Display System

Token display system are ideal for banks, airports, public dealing offices, hospitals, doctors’ clinics, restaurants and other such places where people have to wait in line for their turn. These systems allow customers to wait without being in queue, once their number is displayed, then only will they have to get on line for their turn. Musical chime for calling number. Customized products are also offered at very reasonable prices





Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set
Digital Display seven degment digital display
Number of Digits 3 Digit
Power smps based 230v power
Voice Language English, Hindi, Regional


• Power supply: 230v
• Usage: Indoor
• Material: mild steel
• Tube Chip Color: Red
• Display Function: Show calling number, Queue Number
• Wifi based systems also available
• Applications: Banks, canteen, hospitals, clinics,

Key Features:

  • System supports up to 32 services and 64 counters
  • Supports multiple dispensers of various types (Switch based, Touch Screen KIOSK and mixed)
  • Built in Digital Signage for Promotional videos, slides and multilingual text on TV based Master Displays.
  • Token number displays for the counters
  • Multilingual display and printing
  • Multilingual Voice announcement
  • Modular Server- browser Client based design on Windows OS.
  • Nested and Multi service selection.
  • Manual and Preconfigured multiservice forwarding.
  • Detailed management reports and analytical data
  • Graphical reports
  • Delay alerts to Management
  • Dynamic load distribution


  • Central Monitoring System
  • Easy data backup and restore
  • Multiple provisions for priority customers
  • Option of form based data collection against each token
  • Facility to add remarks to each token. The remarks are visible to every successive operator to whom this token is forwarded. Next operator can add his own remarks.
  • Reports of breaks taken by the operator
  • Forward-back a token. An operator can forward-back a token to another service. On completion at forwarded service, the token is returned back to sender counter on priority.
  • Facility to call by Case Number, name or mobile No.
  • Facility to split services across several dispensers
  • Facility to have time slot based multiple services for the same room
  • Facility to have multiple token printing station spread across the network
  • Facility to have separate Master Displays for each department