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Home automation offers control over every important system within a residence, such as electricity, lighting, HVAC, curtains, entertainment and security, through a single, easy to use mobile app. B.One®’s affordable home automation makes your life more convenient, and your home safer.

Real Estate Developers

Affordable automation and security within your reach. No pre-wiring required, complete wireless solution and easy installation.


Food and Beverages (F&B)

Automating your Food and Beverage enterprise with Be Smart helps in improving your performance and productivity while reducing the risk and keeping your customers happy. Be Smart solutions result in better profitability and efficiency.


Automating your retail enterprise with Be Smart solutions helps in improving your profitability, productivity and security. Enhance customer experience by automating your retail outlet.


Office Automation

Automating your offices can make work-life easier. Temperature and lighting in offices have a demonstrable effect on your employees’ well-being and productivity. Well-lit and well-designed environments enhance your brand’s image and help you retain high-value employees. Be Smart enables offices achieve their Energy Management, Automation and Security goals through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It helps IoTize offices and co-working spaces by delivering real time data about energy consumption, occupancy levels and security threats. Be Smart ensures an ROI within 6 months.